Vision & Mission

The university has been conceived to be a world-class research university, producing knowledge, developing skills and offering education in Arabic, Turkish and English. The academic institution strives to integrate sciences, ethics and skills, and manages to achieve a real intellectual renaissance bridging the theoretical and philosophical framework with the practical and applied framework. The university strongly believes in human development, which leads to the building of nations and civilizations. It looks towards enhancing its contributions in the economic, social, cultural and educational life of the Turkish Republic, through its role as an international academic and research institution. It believes in the importance of its human capital, which it recognizes as the most valuable asset.
To become a research university, international in scope, renown for its production of knowledge in the sector of higher education, and ranked among the top 100 universities by 2026.
The International University of Renewal, offers a platform of education as well as updated and accredited programs for the various cycles of higher education. It produces knowledge, and works within the framework of professional values, excellence and academic freedom, and ethics, using the latest technological tools attain a competitive status. It builds a research stream to enable them to lead in its specialized fields. The university is also interested in attracting and developing human resources and considers these resources its intellectual capital. It strives to build international relations and collaborations with universities and institutions based on scientific developed and updated criteria. 
Vision & Mission