Student care Activities

The student care unit is one of the most i important units in the university. It is based on a philosophy of caring for all students from psychological, social and academic care through its support, care, activities and training. The unit provides Avalibaility  to students throughout all weekdays.


The goal of the student care unit is to contribute to the provision of psychological and academic stability in the university through the guided sessions that take place between the mentor and the guide, individually, and the group sessions through the group and try to help the students to understand the psychological and social problems and discover their abilities and talents and guide them on the right track, And to inform students of the reality of their attitudes and help them to adapt and harmony in the university

It also aims to reduce stress caused by anxiety, psychological immunization against problems, disorders and mental illnesses, early detection and diagnosis of disorders in the first stage and prevent their development, and develop the skills of students and enable them to choose the appropriate solution to the problem and the ability to make the decision himself, in a specialized attempt to reintegrate them into life and psychological recovery Improve life skills as well as aim to help university management upgrade the environment to create a healthy atmosphere so that everyone can retain their lead.

Psychological Support Section

Helps to solve the psychological problems of students resulting from personal crises or community through training students to enhance self-confidence and face social fear and anxiety of alienation and anxiety examinations and tension and anxiety and depression, through simple developmental and preventive and therapeutic guidance and conducting individual and group counseling sessions and case studies and the application of tests and standards, Chronic cases are referred to the University Psychiatric Unit.

Academic Support Section

  1. Follow up students academically and guide them with suggestions and advice to improve their academic achievement and overcome their academic problems.
  2. To take care of the causes of academic desertification and to study and find solutions to overcome it.
  3. Spread awareness of the university regulations and regulations regarding the academic side of each student.
  4. Consolidate the relationship between the student, the academic advisor and the academic guidance and follow-up center.
      Spread awareness of the university regulations and regulations regarding the academic side of each student.
  5.  To pay attention to good students and support them morally to get better results and maintain academic achievement.

Academic Activities


Training and courses