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"USIM" student's card for "IUR" Graduate Studies STUDENTS
2018/2019 Final Exams Will Starts At 2nd Of January (02/01/2019)
The International University of Renewal welcomes Dr. Mukhles Al-Nazer
Head of Business Administration Department
Director of the training department of Al Jazeera Media Institute in visit to IUR
To benefit from Al Jazeera training programs for young Arab media in Turkey and students of media at the university
Delivery of tablets and student card to students
His Highness the Crown Prince of PERLIZ
honoring IUR outstanding 1st and 2nd year students
Lectures of SPSS by Dr. Mukhles Al-Nazer
SPSS postgraduate course lectures weekly presented in IUR campus and available on MINT platform
The anniversary of the Prophet's birth
The celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet, organized by the student union in the presence of professors and a large number of students
International Renewal Organizes the 6th International Conference
Entitled "The Prophet's Curriculum and its Impact on the Making of World Peace"
Academic Programs

Academic Programs



Credits and Agreements

Credits and Agreements

  • Global Renewal launches educational projects in Turkey
    أطلقت "العالمية للتجديد" أمس السبت الموافق ٢٨ اكتوبر ٢٠١٧م العديد من المشروعات التعليمية والبحثية في الجمهورية التركية وسط حضور
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Risouni at the International University of Renewal
    زار فضيلة الدكتور أحمد الريسوني عضو مجلس الأمناء بالجامعة وأستاذ أصول الفقه ومقاصد الشريعة مقر العالمية_للتجديد  وكان في
  • The university uses modern technology in the educational process to achieve quality
      بدأت #الجامعة_العالمية_للتجديد في تفعيل خدماتها الإلكترونية في العملية التعليمية ، حيث تم تركيب شاشات ذكية في قاعات
  • Advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Dr. Omar Farouk Participates in Honoring Early World Renewal
    شارك الأستاذ عمر فاروق قورقماز المستشار الأول لرئيس الوزراء التركي وأ.د. جمال عبد الستار رئيس الجامعة والدكتور الامير محمود نائب رئيس
  • New majors in the university
          الأن نقدم  بكالوريوس إدارة الأعمال    بكالوريوس الدراسات الإسلامية بالتعاون مع جامعة طرابلس اللبنانية
  • "The World Renewal University welcomes Dr. Mukhles Al-Nazer, Head of Business Administration
    ترحب الجامعة العالمية للتجديد بالدكتور مخلص الناظر "رئيس قسم إدارة الأعمال وعضو هيئة التدريس بالجامعة وذلك في إطار تطبيق رؤية


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Valuable students and researchers, I would like to welcome you all to your university (The International University for Renewal) and I extend to you my best wishes for the academic year of 2016-2017. 
We welcome you aboard this exciting and lively journey which aims to offer our nation a new generation of thinkers—one who’s members are proud of their values and confident in themselves, bearing the traits of leaders with enlightened visions capable of inspiring, innovating and aiming for the sky. 
We welcome you as a generation capable of gifting its nation with opportunities full of progress and hope, while drawing the blueprints of success and tracing the paths of prosperity.